Global Aircraft Breakdown Assistance (fueled by Savvy)

Enroll in Global Aircraft Breakdown Assistance (fueled by Savvy)

IMPORTANT: To have this valuable protection, you MUST enroll in the Program via this online portal. Global Aerospace, Inc. is making the Program available to qualifying policyholders at no additional cost! Eligible aircraft are most certified piston singles and twins, as well as Van’s RV-series homebuilts, currently insured through Global Aerospace, Inc. with a policy inception date on or after January 1, 2018. Other aircraft -- including experimental, antique, rare, unique and/or poorly-supported ones -- shall be covered on a “best efforts” basis. For such aircraft, Savvy's ability and obligation to provide services under this Agreement may be limited by the lack of adequate service documentation and/or the difficulty of finding maintenance facilities competent and willing to work on the aircraft.

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